Pessimism is in the air and it smells of burning leaves.

Summer is drawing to a close. This time next month the scarves will be out and the chestnuts will be roasting in the streets, and not just outside the British Museum where chestnuts are as ubiquitous as the clicking of cameras by Asian tourists. This edition of the New Wolf’s monthly preview for stuff happening here and out there is a call to arms, and to legs – stimulus to help you enjoy what’s left of the English summer.

London sees a number of great new exhibitions coming to town. Exhibition #4 from James Brett’s Museum of Everything begins on September 2nd. Selfridges is hosting the exhibition but perhaps this does an injustice to the very unglamorous work that Brett has involved himself in. The Museum of Everything does not collect artistic masterpieces or rare antiquities but the art and trinkets of the ordinary; by the hobbyists. See our review of Gregory Sholette’s book Dark Matter for more on the hobbyist’s rise in the art world. Selfridges will also be involved in this year’s London Fashion Week but Somerset House will take centre stage.

As for Art exhibitions, I compel you not to miss the chance to see Miró at the Tate Modern, it will be moving elsewhere on September 11th. Artangel is building a reputation for curating avant-garde and idiosyncratic projects and Ryan Gander’s Locked Room Scenario continues in this vein. Gander’s previous works have had minimalist and mixed media elements and with Artangel’s help Locked Room Scenario is a unique interactive experience as much as it is a showcase of his work. Also, well worth a visit is the V&A’s Signs of a Struggle: Photography in the Wake of Postmodernism showing the work of a number of high profile photographers from Richard Prince, Clare Strand, Cindy Sherman and many more. Finally, 50 years after first exhibiting Rothko to Britain, the Whitechapel Gallery explores his link to Britain and its artists. We will have a review and possibly a Presentation coming this month.

For the cinethusiasts – has that term been dubbed before? Should I have bothered? – The Skin I Live In has not been released for long and is a must see, if you aren’t persuaded David Katz will be bringing a review to The New Wolf very soon. Opening in cinemas this month is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – a good old-fashioned espionage drama but directed by Swedish horror film Let The Right One In’s Tomas Alfredson. Staying with the Nordic talent, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn offers Drive, a film that won him the Best Director accolade at Cannes this year. Drive reveals the double life of a Hollywood stunt driver who is also a part-time getaway driver, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. And finally, Melancholia – for those who haven’t seen a Lars Von Trier film before, he’s a director who is not at all shy of controversy or flirting with taboo.

And at the New Wolf we will be continuing our exploration of the old and new. Other than those mentioned already, I will be bringing you the social history of sneezing, from Greek scholars’ accounts of sneezing as an omen to contemporary scientists’ belief of the link between sneezing and sex. Other highlights include the Ideas Showcase visiting an estate/art exhibition in East London. We welcome our new African correspondent who will be exploring issues relating to the continent. And we take a look at the London Riots one month on, applying an idea borrowed from theories of the mentality of civil war. And much more of course!

Have a lovely September.
Your editors, Christo and Theo.