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My current photographic subjects often relate back to British traditions, culture or industry. Working with a 4×5 camera and traditional negative film I often try to express subtleness in my work, often keeping the image muted drawing on the simplistic qualities within the scene, allowing the photograph to attempt to project itself.

“No Place” is a body of work that I began to produce whilst in Marseille, on an international collective workshop with Antoine Da’gata. Alongside the work I produced at the workshop I began to look at the industrial village Fos sur Mer. This place had an ambiguous drained atmosphere and a heavily industrialized surrounding. I found myself drawn to its dullness like a moth to a bulb. The seemingly lifeless village became alive with graphic landscapes. Yet the area seemed somehow to hint at something more while simultaneously shielding it from view, a landscape obscured by a mask.

Timothy Nordhoff

No Place. 2012