The stakes are raised when a video session is to be filmed in a cemetery for an album named ‘Vampires’. On our way to meet singer-songwriter Adam Donen, with miscellaneous vampires and creatures wandering to and fro, naturally the heebie-jeebies rose in our stomachs. As we approached a ruin of a church in the centre of Abney Park cemetery in Stoke Newington Donen appeared out of the wet afternoon fog. Despite his achromous appearance, accentuated by white make-up, Donen conveys a warm earnestness that belies the pallor. With his band behind him we shot scenes for the roaming video that you can see below. Because of Donen’s songwriting prowess we allowed his words provide the narrative for the video.

The track from the video is ‘Sophia’, which is featured on his new album ‘Vampires’ released in the UK last week and in the rest of Europe on 28th October. It is available on CD and digitally here.

Video shot by Paul Beany Hines
Photographs by Holly Aquilina.