When Christopher Locke isn’t teaching, he’s busy making something out of nothing. He spent his formative years in and around Washington DC, immersed in art, history, and science. After graduating from the George Washington University, he moved to Austin to pursue a career in art, which has recently evolved into a career in teaching. Well-versed in a wide range of fabrication, including metalworking, fine woodworking, theatrical set construction, and mechanics, he finds great joy in the challenges and processes of creating, and enjoys sharing those skills with others.

Christopher Locke describes much of his work as “Figurative Industrial” and he enjoys blurring the lines between man and machine, old and new, as well as science and art.  He also creates work that heavily relies on the concepts of waste avoidance and social commentary. He has participated in several festivals and gallery shows across the country, and sells work worldwide through his own website.  He has been featured in several books and major magazines in several languages, and fantasizes about someday being regarded as “the David Hasselhoff of welding”.

Christopher Locke