‘My work revolves around the thought process, imagination, memory, the senses and other actions which take place within the human mind. I am interested in changing thought and heard speech into forms and how people would see words if they were to be visualised, this sparked the idea to create drawings from text. I literally write down my thoughts on paper and do not plan how the drawing will turn out. I tend to work with fine-liner pen on paper, rarely using colour. The drawings are a reflection of personal thought and mental dialogue. They are used as a means of release from frustration and isolation, a way to communicate and often writing what cannot be said out loud.

As a keen traveller and a speaker of two languages, I feel like I am constantly converting words. I have synesthesia and as a visual thinker I have always been interested in language and communication. This interest accelerated greatly in the past year, it made sense to start experimenting with words and I want to continue exploring these themes. I am very interested in psychology and this seems to fuel my work as my brain is constantly pondering something.

Although currently Glasgow based I have spent a lot of time living in Spain and I tend to alternate between the two countries. This has played a huge part in my work. The streets, the people, the way of life and the attitude has had a great influence on me. Whilst in Valencia, I saw a quote on the wall by one of my favourite grafiti artists Escif ”Poetry is in the walls.” It really stuck in my head. It made me think about a way I could produce work where words can visually tell a story rather than speech. I wanted to create something that wasn’t first as it quite appeared, something that you may not notice straight away and only if you look closely, you can see it is text. When I make work which doesn’t involve text I tend to create lines, patterns or scratch into the work. I always feel that I have to get inside  the work a little bit deeper, as though the work is a direct reflection of my mind just portrayed in another way.

In October last year I co-founded the collective WHAT NOW? with Kate Webster and Rossy Oman. We have arranged a couple of exhibitons and pop-up shops around Glasgow. I am currently exhibiting for the New Contemporaries, RSA, Edinburgh, until April 2012.’