Exhibition open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm
Thursday evening drinks 6pm-9:30pm

From June 11 – 16 2012 – The New Wolf’s online forum is made physical. Re:Thinking a City features a selection of works featured in the Observatory, our online gallery of up-and-coming artists from around the world, as well as written articles with accompanying images from our illustrators, particularly John Mcloughlin, whose comic strip serial will also be on display.

From the Observatory the incredible illustrated light boxes of Hogarth Brown will be present. Taken from his Trophallaxis collection, Hogarth explores the collective cultural stomach of humanity. Mark Smith’s idiosyncratic illustrations have made covers and columns for wide-ranging publications from the Guardian, the New Yorker, TimeOut, Penguin books to Nature. Fellow illustrator Rosie Gainsborough, also published in publications of repute, The New York Times and Oh Comely included. Beatrix Jourdan, a photographer based in Senegal, brings her subtle capturing of the customs and traditions of Senegalese people. And HIN, an illustrator and street artist, renowned for his distinctive contradiction art style that can be seen on walls and doorways across East London.

The title of the exhibition reflects a theme of a reimagination of our city spaces – a need for greater integration of art and creativity in the urban milieu and an encouragement of a culture of participation. We hope to confirm an evening of short talks and discussion on these subjects within the week of the exhibition. News of this to follow. Posters of our artwork will also be available to purchase for a small sum.


Arbeit Gallery
4 Helmet Row
Mon – Sat, 11am-6pm


Flyer artwork by John Mcloughlin