On Monday night, against a vertiginous and rain-soaked city-scape, London-based Still Corners played a show in support of their 2011 album, Creatures of the Hour.

Signed to Subpop, their music is best described as dream-pop; though this is not to say their sound is not without depth. Jarring guitars, cinematic lyricism, and an unnerving energy throughout the album all make for compelling listening material.

And despite the dream-pop tag, the rhythms, basslines and drumming of their songs should provide the makings for a largely danceable, leastly foot-tapping concert.

However, at Monday’s chilly show, most of the Dalston Roof Park attendees chose instead to sit it out and watch the band from the comforts of the plush fake grass that line the roof’s floor. Incongruous as it may have been, the crowd seemed content with their layabout disposition, and in turn with the riffing guitarist that loomed over them as they delicately sipped rum cocktails and clicked away on their smartphones.

The venue itself, Dalston Roof Park, was pretty awesome. With a hotdog stand and a beach-style bar, it was like a mini-festival on a roof; admittedly, it is this laid-back atmosphere that probably accounted for somewhat lackadaisical demeanour assumed by most of the audience.

Live, ‘Endless Summer’ was a particularly standout track, though with a less reticent crowd, one suspects that the slow build of its Deerhunter-esque ending could have played out for much longer. The general momentum of the show, kept up with songs like ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Into the Trees’ helped to further reinforce the feeling of solidity coming from their debut.

In the background, dreamy videos played on throughout, with one short notably evoking the video of ‘No Cars Go’ in all its imagery. The large screen behind them was not incidental, the concert was to be later twinned with a movie showing. The 1990’s film The Daytrippers was on the bill,chosen by the band for its inspiring effect on their music/ videos .

Both the band and movie combination made for a great show and great treats: the rum and popcorn combination especially helped to drive away all those unseasonably wintry Monday blues.

Still Corners play again at Beacons Festival and End of the Road Festival later this summer.