The New Wolf is no longer active as an online magazine, however it still remains as a repository for the content published between 2009-2013.

The New Wolf was particularly interested in stories that were missed by the media train’s radar. A trend that we’re happy to say has taken off in the last few years – the idea is still alive in magazines such as Delayed Gratification, or The Racket. Contemporary journalism lives in a time where the editor plays second to the advertisers and to the ‘hooks’. That is not to say that journalism shouldn’t be relevant, but often stories that should be told are not because of the partiality of a media exec. Therefore, our content delivered insight into overshadowed angles of a popular story, new stories that had been overlooked, and old stories that had been forgotten and deserved unearthing because of their relevance today. We did this with a passion to showcase new artistic talent, whether that was in the form of sessions with musicians, artwork and photography, or the work of young writers. We’re proud to have ran the magazine with the philosophies we gave it, and to have set our editorial sails in these directions. We’re particularly proud of New Cartography, an Ideas Tap-sponsored special edition of The New Wolf that offered readers a fresh and alternative take on mapping the urban environment through a collection of articles and illustrations from a wide array of contributors.

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What you’ll see at the Wolf:


No matter how complex the content, the style of our material is not inaccessible. We aimed to present challenging ideas in an undemanding manner.

Unearthing the esoteric:

A theme of a lot of our content was to unearth all that is rare and enigmatic (but of course presenting that accessibly). This may contain new artists, film-makers, musicians etc that you may not yet have heard; concepts that have yet made names of themselves; or those who have been forgotten despite their huge impact, see the Chronograph for an example.

Comprehensive knowledge:

Too much of today’s press is permeated by ‘bitesize’ news. Perhaps it is convenient, but mostly it is sloppy. We believe in producing material that is thoroughly researched and gives you a full picture of the subject. See An Introduction to… for an example.

Mixed Media:

Let’s face it the media world is changing. No longer can newspapers and magazines simply rely upon interesting writing and print. We believe that a story is a story, no matter the format. We are exponents of a visual and audio style; whether that be through showcasing new artwork, The New Wolf Sessions , the Teabag, Video and a Voice in London or our movie review discussions, see the Auricle for more.